Abandoned: The Mysterious PS5 Title


By Cristhian Gómez

Back on April 7, we got the first look at Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim from Blue Box Studios and coming “exclusively” to PS5. The footage, captured on the Sony next gen console, shows an eerie forest covered in snow and a man with a gun, while a voice describes the main setting of the game. The teaser ends with the promise of a gameplay reveal coming soon, and that was two months ago.

Since then, Blue Box Studios has not revealed anything new about the game, no teaser, no gameplay trailer, no release date, nothing. However, that has not stopped the internet from trying to figuring out what’s happening. For a lot of people, Abandoned is a secret code for a new Silent Hill game, why? Well, first of all, the studio behind the game posted a very cryptic tweet just a few weeks ago, saying “Abandoned (First letter S, last letter L). Reveal closing in…”  



Can you think of other games with the same first and last letters? The studio quickly apologized for the confusion in another tweet, but that was enough to set off gamer’s imaginations, as several people in different forums are saying that just like with P.T., Abandoned is a Silent Hill game directed by no other than Hideo Kojima.

All our doubts will be answered on August (after being delayed again from June), when a special Abandoned app drops for the PS5. Yes, just like Kojima did with Silent Hills. Could this really be a Silent Hill game or just a very estrange coincidence?

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