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Capable of Zero Gravity

2-Lever Mechanisms with Tilt-lock standard

Create a "Zero Gravity" effect by tilting the seat pan rearward, this transfers most of your weight into the chair thereby reducing the down forces on your spine. This Zero G position eliminates most of the work for your postural muscles and allows them time to recover. We cannot emphasize enough how important this feature is. The ability to lock the seat pan in a rear-tilted position while separately controlling the angle of the backrest, results in you being able to find the perfect position for any given circumstance. A core principle of Ergonomics is to change your position frequently, i.e. - the human body does not respond well to remaining in one position for too long. Placing your body in a supported and relaxed position periodically, extends how long you can sit comfortably.

Zero Gravity Position

Standard on all models

Heavy Duty Aluminum Base

Inspired by our love of Autos

Our bases are BIFFMA tested and the low-profile design allows for a lower seat height and greater range of motion for height adjustability. Cheaper chairs use cookie cutter, mass produced bases with prongs that slope up toward the center, thereby increasing the overall height of the chair. Also, the wide, flat ends of the prongs make it a great place to rest your feet when you are tilted back.

Proper Lumbar Support

Support where it counts

At Clutch, we've thought of everything. A large, lumbar support that follows the natural curve of the spine is key to improving posture and reducing back pain.
We never skimp on quality, even when no one can see it. Our ergonomic neck pillows are made of high density foam. Our competitors use the same synthetic stuffing that's in your kids Teddy Bear.

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