Rise Series Electric Sit-Stand Desk

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Height-Adjustable Desks are the perfect complement to our chairs.  If you want to reduce the negative side effects of sitting for long periods, the answer is not to stand for 8 hours straight.  The answer is to change your position frequently throughout the day.  That is why electric height-adjustable desks with memory presets are so convenient.  When you want to stand up, simply press a button to raise your desk to the perfect preset height.  When it's time to take a load off, just press another button to sit back down. How awesome is that?


  • Built-in, Fast-Charge Wireless Charging - Conveniently charge your phone

  • Ergo Edge Design - For improved wrist and forearm comfort
  • 4 Position Memory Presets - Save your favorite positions
  • LED RGB Piping – USD plugin required
  • Full Mousepad Desk Topper
  • Straight edge Design - allows for easy installation of Monitor Arms and other peripherals
  • 25mm/sec Speed - Allows you to adjust your desk quickly

55″ Width x 27.5″ Depth 28-48″ Height

Yes... It Can Do That

Almost 180 Degree Flat Mode


Our proprietary foam provides the perfect blend of comfort and support.


Large Flat Surface For All Day Comfort

Zero Gravity

Find The Best Position For You And Lock It In


Who is Peeling? Never heard of them?

Heavy Duty

Adjust Your Chair To Fit Any Position For Maximum Comfort

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